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Home to cat fur-covered retro tech, vintage Macintoshes, and miscellaneous floating internet stuff.


Hello! I'm Hannah A. Patellis and you're at headquarters.

This site is dedicated to my tech projects, both vintage and not-so-vintage.

Click a photo to learn more about each device/category. Pages include...

Check out what resources, software, hardware, and tools I'm using and YouTubers I'm watching here!

This site and its subpages are written to be viewable on a retro device (oldest tested thus far is Mac OS 7.5 on a 68030). However most external links will NOT be compatible because of HTTPS or modern code.

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Retro sites

FrogFind! 68k.news
System 7 Today Macintosh Librarian
The Old Net Mac84

My studio

Classic Macintoshes

SE FDHD status: Running System 6.0.8 on a BlueSCSI V2 with Wi-Fi via DaynaPORT emulation

First SE/30 status: Running Mac OS 7.5 on a BlueSCSI V2 with Wi-Fi via DaynaPORT emulation

Second SE/30: Needs restoration

Plus: Being restored

Power Macintosh 5500/225

Status: Running Mac OS 7.6.1, but very flaky. Will need restoration

Apple PowerBook G3 Wallstreet II/PDQ

Status: Running Mac OS 9.2

Apple PowerBook G4, 12"

Status: Running Mac OS X Tiger

Apple MacBook (13" Santa Rosa, Black) and (13" Late 2009, White)

BlackBook status: Operational

WhiteBook status: Operational

IBM ThinkPad 390E 2626-D0U

Status: Running Windows 98 SE on a CF-to-IDE drive

Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100

This thing has wi-fi!

Status: Operational

Handhelds and PDAs

  • Palm III
  • Sony CliĆ© PEG-NX60/U
  • Palm Zire 21
  • iPod + HP 20GB (4th generation)
  • Palm T|X
  • Palm Tungsten E2
  • Palm Treo 680
  • Palm Pre Plus


Status: Running Raspbian OS Lite (32-bit)

My Home Lab/Home Server

Status: Running Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS

Other projects

  • Apple MacBook Pro (13" Mid 2012): Operational
  • Apple ][: Needs restoration (Partly operational)

Photos taken with my Palm Pre Plus

This site is stored on Github

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